Meet the Melanasians: Black People with Naturally Blonde Hair

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And who said black people can’t have blonde hair?

Well, there exists an ethnic group of black people with blond hair and they are called Melanasians.

Living in the Pacific islands of Melanesia, this group of people quite literally defies all stereotypes against Black people with blonde hair.

Where does this blonde hair come from? Its simple: genetics. Blonde hair in general, is a rare gene found in humans. Only 2% of the world’s population is blonde.

Many children are born blonde, but by age ten, their hair usually darkens significantly, due to increasing levels of eumelanin, a type of melanin that regulates hair and skin pigmentation.

This is the reason why many black babies are born with fair skin, but gradually get darker as they grow in their early stages.

Check out these photos. 

Just look at them! 

Blond Hair
Blond Hair

A mother and her gang!

Blond Hair
Blond Hair


Blond Hair
Blond Hair

This is awesome! 

Blond Hair
Blond Hair


Blond Hair
Blond Hair

So, next time you see a black person rocking blonde hair, compliment them!

Source: Black Girl Culture 

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