Betty Kyallo’s Shoe Collection Is Insane, Some Pairs Are Worth 70k!

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Betty Kyallo loves the finer things in life.

On her recent blog, the former K24 journalist showcased her massive collection of expensive shoes and went ahead to give out at least 10 pairs of some of her best shoes because she just has too many.

Ranging from cowboy boots, to those pointed office heels, to her sports wear and even the sandals, she showed it all for the world to see.

The bubbly TV girl flaunted some of her best designer shoes, some worth at least KSh 70k, others she did not dare to mention for security reasons. Talk of legit luxury brands like Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton…name it! Betty had them all packed along her corridor.

Sadly, not just anyone would be a lucky winner, but ladies who were her die-hard fans since the time she started her vlog.

She first picked on some royal-white laced red-bottom heels that she had only worn twice to the newsroom.

A 10-pair expensive shoe collection of variant new heels including one pair of her high-end sandals worth KSh 20k that she bought in Dubai.

Watch the video below:

Source: Ghafla

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