This Underwater Water Fall Will Make You Want To Visit Mauritius

Image: CNNAfrica

They are so many beautiful places to see in Africa.

The price of air travel and the concept of visas make the dream of visiting our favourite places on our continent hard to achieve. But there are truly beautiful and one of a kind places everyone really ought to see.

Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa. The official language in Mauritius is English and French, although the country is multilingual and multicultural. Its capital city is called Port Louis.

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Mauritius is one of the world’s most popular tourist destination.

Visa on arrival is offered to most nationals who visit Mauritius and extension of said visa is usually free. The island offers sandy beaches, wild life parks and nature reserves, water falls, safaris, scenic views of mountainous interiors as well as festivals and diverse foods.


Image: CNNAfrica


One of the most beautiful things to see in Mauritius is definitely the Underwater water fall.

This is located off the coast of Le Morne, on the southwestern end of the island. Underwater currents carry sand and silt on the ocean floor such that it looks like the island is being sucked through a giant drain.


Image: CNNAfrica


If this view doesn’t make you pack a bag, then I don’t know what will!