Planning A Road Trip Soon? Here Are Outfit Ideas That Scream Road Trip Ready

Image: Instagram/ Didi Stone

Ever thought about what to wear on a road trip?

Road trips are supposed to be fun and relaxing. When planning a road trip, the obvious concern is always about what you need to carry but we never really stop to think what we should wear on that traveling day. With the selfie craze, you are going to need to look great taking photos mid-trip right?

Also, you never know what to expect with the route you are taking. Some routes have nice stopovers and guys bring out their A-game while having lunch before going on with their trips. You do not want to look ridiculous at such stopovers. Obviously, there are some routes where you do not need to dress up, like those ones where they only have sugarcane and roast maize vendors.

But for the routes you need to dress up, here are 7 different looks to try for the road trip.

1. The athleisure look.

Who said that athleisure outfits are a preserve of celebrities? You can wear your sweatpants with a cute t-shirt top and some nice sneakers and look great for the road trip.

road trip outfit



2. Dungaree.

Dungarees are cool in the way they give you that relaxed look. You can always pair your dungaree with a crop top for an edgy look.

roadtrip outfit



3. Shorts.

Shorts are quite cute and every girl should have at least a pair in her closet. If you are bold enough, you can try short shorts for the road trip.

Akothee Kenya

image: Instagram/Akothee


4. Crop tops.

Crop-tops can be worn on almost any day except at work or school. You can pair your crop-top with a pair of distressed jeans or leggings and sneakers and you’re road trip ready.

roadtrip outfit



5. Short denim skirts.

Denim skirts are beautiful especially if worn at the right time. For a road trip, wear your denim skirt and pair them with some funky vans. This look suits road trips.

roadtrip outfit



6. Shirt dress.

Shirt dresses paired with heels, is a great look for the office, but if you are just from the office and you’re off to a random road trip, just put on your vans or any other type of sneakers and hit the road!

shirt dress



7. Rompers.

If you are looking for a sexy, yet relaxed look, then rompers will do just fine. You can pair your romper with vans and still look good.

roadtrip outfit