Kenya Has Been Named Among The 20 Most Dangerous Countries For Tourists

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Someone is trying to defame our country.

The World Economic Forum recently released their Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, which analyses the safety of tourists in different countries around the globe. Surprisingly, Kenya was listed among the 20 countries that are not safe. Here’s how Kenya was described;

While many terrorist attacks occur outside of Nairobi, the threat of terrorism is still high in the city. Grenades, shootings, and stabbings are common forms of attacks.

Come on now. Someone clearly doesn’t want us to get money from wazungu.

A beautiful resort in Mombasa.


The World Economic Forum came up with the ranking by measuring the extent to which each country exposes tourists and businesses to security risks.

How many tourists have been harmed in Kenya? I cannot recall hearing about any crimes targeting tourists in the news? I bet you haven’t too. And if there are any, they must be very few. Clearly, someone needs to redo their research.

Other countries that have been included in the list include; Nigeria, Jamaica, Colombia, Yemen, El Salvador, Egypt, Pakistan, Venezuela, Ukraine, Honduras, Philippines, Lebanon, Mali, Bangladesh, South Africa, Chad, Guatemala, Congo, and Thailand.

I would understand when a country like Colombia is included in the list, given its history with drug lords, but Kenya? Hell no. Apology, please.