Want To Fly First Class At A Cheaper Rate? Here’s How

Flying first class is luxury everybody should get to enjoy at least once in their life

Flying coach/ in economy is just the worst! The seats are cramped, there’s barely any way you can have a good flight experience, and if you sit near the wrong person, you’re in for a long and stressful flight. However, in first class, you get treated like royalty! Even if it’s just for a few hours, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the perks of flying first class? Flying first class can be very expensive, but here are a few ways you can get first class tickets for cheap.


1. Upgrade your ticket at check in

At the check in desk, ask the attendant if there’s a chance that you can upgrade your ticket to first class. Sometimes, first class seats aren’t filled and the airline sells the spot at a cheaper rate. Be very polite when you ask, and prove yourself worthy of flying first class.

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2. Look out for open seats 

If your seat in economy is towards the front of the plane, listen for the cabin door to shut. If there’s an open first class seat, ask the flight attendant if you can move.

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3. Arrive at the airport early

Sometimes, flights are under-booked so the airlines provide discounted first class tickets or even free upgrades. To take advantage of this, you need to be at the airport really early.

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4. Fly when business travellers aren’t

Book your flight during weekends or public holidays. A lot of business travellers travel on weekends, so more first class seats will be up for grabs at a cheaper rate.

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5. Be loyal to your airline

A lot of airlines offer loyalty programs, All you have to do to get the cheapest first class tickets is to become a member! Loyal clients regularly get discounts. Also, repeatedly travelling with the same carrier will help you earn miles which will add up and eventually you can use them for a free upgrade. Just make sure you don’t let points expire.

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Image: HeraldNG