Whatsapp Has Made It Easy To Record Long Voice Messages And Watch YouTube Links

Photo: TheSouthAfrican

This year has been filled with Whatsapp constantly trying to update the platform for better use.

There was status which was introduced

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And then the live location

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And then the ability to delete messages

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And now, Whatsapp has received updates with two new features: a more convenient way to record long voice messages, and a picture-in-picture mode for viewing YouTube videos. 

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Now, rather than having to hold down the microphone button to keep recording, you can now use locked recordings. 

Now, when you hold the mic button to record a message, a padlock UI element soon appears along the right-hand side of the chat window which allows you to slide up and lock the recording to give your finger a rest. When you’re done, tapping the send button ends the audio recording and sends it on its way.

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Also, you can now watch YouTube videos you’ve received in a chat right from within WhatsApp.

With the picture-in-picture platform,  you can also keep watching the video as you navigate to another chat. This hasn’t been rolled out to everybody as it is.


Which of these new updates is the best so far for you?