6 Sure Ways To Spot A Fake Facebook Page

Following the wrong facebook page is almost as dangerous as someone giving you the wrong directions to a destination. You never know you’re following the fake page when they look just like genuine and unsuspecting. They sometimes get you to do things that should immediately ring your inner ‘scam alert’ siren.

These pages are mostly set up by upcoming brands or some regular people just to double their following using familiar names that can do the magic for them. In order not to fall for such pages and the stuff they promote, note the following things about fake Facebook pages.

1. Check if the Facebook page has been verified

Most Facebook pages ran by authentic people have been verified by Facebook. Verified pages have a blue badge with a white a tick sign right after the name. This is always visible even in search results.

2. Look at the Listing Category for the Page

Another place where fake Facebook pages often show their true colours is in the page category listing. Sometimes a fake page of a celebrity/public figure will be categorized under ‘website.’


3. Fake pages often ask for donations.

Some miscreants hide behind fake pages to extort their unsuspecting followers. They mostly post pictures of sad-looking children and say they are orphans in need. However, there may be real NGOs out there seeking to help some underprivileged people, look before you pass your judgement.


4. Be on the lookout for scam posts

Since the inception of social media, scamming is overly common nowadays. These pages, in order to gain large following, post pictures of luxurious products and ask their followers to share so they will be given one. In most cases, the winners are never announced and if they do, the profiles are fake as well.


5. Disconnected content

Do you really think a government official like Hon. Adwoa Safo would share contents like this?



6. Check page information

Certain categories require the person setting up the page to supply a lot of real information—like addresses and phone numbers that are easily checked. Fake pages won’t have this information to submit. In this case, checkout the information submitted in the photo above – it has “Waptrick.com” as their website but this is the official site of OMGVoice and WE DO NOT HAVE A BACKUP PAGE.