There Is An ‘Uber For Keke’ Service Launching In Lagos

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Tricycles or kekes as they’re popularly referred to are one of the transport options available for people living in Nigeria.

According to Techpoint

Nigerians have a thing for Kekes. But why not? The three-wheeled vehicles give an exciting experience. Besides enabling easy on-boarding and alighting, the view of the environment while in transit and the ability of drivers to manoeuvre their ways better than cars in traffic is a relief beyond ordinary.


It is with this idea that tech enthusiast, Samuel Ajiboyede decided to create Mattatu, an on-demand transportation network for hailing tricycles online.

Samuel Ajiboyede is a former director at Robert Johnson — a software and telecom company that provides solutions to banks and telcos.

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Simply put, it works the same way you order your typical Uber.

You order your ride from your phone, and instead of having a car pull up at your door, you get a keke.

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Like other ride-sharing services, you can pay with your credit card or cash and you get to see the estimate before you take the ride.

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Quick question: Would you order a Matattu?



You can check the full feature on Matattu