Twitter Officially Launches A Thread Feature For All The Tailors On The Timeline

Image: WholesaleClearance

Everyone knows a tailor on their Twitter timeline.

These tailors are the people who share information on Twitter by threading their tweets in such a way that they sequentially follow each other. Putting tweets in a thread was an easy way to make do with the 140 character limit by posting your information in different tweets that readers can follow. Launching the 280 character limit eliminated the need for two tweets, but it didn’t solve the problem of people sharing long information in a thread.

Twitter which is famous for drawing inspiration from its users decided to use them to solve the thread dilemma.

Twitter announced the launch of its new thread feature on the 12th of December.


Image: Twitter


There is a plus (+) button on the compose tweet screen. 

This allows you to add your series of tweets in one compose screen. You can still add gifs, images and others to each line of the tweet which bears the 280 character limit. When you finish your first line of tweet, just tap on space below to continue the tweet in the thread.


Image: Twitter


You can go back and edit your thread anytime, as long as you haven’t published it.

Twitter will pace the tweets so they don’t flood the timeline at the same time. And there is a 25 tweet limit for each tweetstorm.


Image: Twitter


People who enjoy sewing threads on Twitter right now:


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