This Android Trick Will Help You Hide Pictures And Videos From Appearing In Your Gallery

Image: MakeUseOf

Photos and videos are likely to appear in their default application, gallery as MP3 and other audio files are found in the Sound or Music Player no matter where the folder may be but a simple trick can hide these files.

Now, you don’t have to worry about that ‘nosey’ friend of yours who snoops through your gallery any time they grab your phone. You can now stop “supposed” personal media files from appearing in the gallery.

The “.nomedia” file – this file is a blank text document saved in no particular format. It has the ability to hide any media file just by placing it in the same location without the help of any third-party app. You can simply create this file in 2 methods – by PC or copying from your phone.

Method 1 – PC method

– Open Notepad on your PC and save it as “.nomedia”

– Change the Save As Type from “Text Document (*.txt)” to “All files”

– Click save to continue.


– Right-click anywhere on your desktop

– Hover the cursor over “New” and select “Text Document” from the popup menu.

– Rename the file as “.nomedia” – make sure you clear the “.txt” extension at the end too.

– Press Enter to save file.

NB: The icon of the file must appear blank.


Method 2 – Phone method

The “.nomedia” can also be found pre-installed on your android device located in the root directory.

– Open ..sdcard/Android/data [for phones without expandable storage, go to ..device storage/Android/data].

– Scroll all the way down – it sits at the bottom of the list.


To hide your files, you must copy the “.nomedia” file to the same folder which contains the files you want hidden.  When you wish to unhide those files, just move or delete the “.nomedia” file from that folder. The downside of this trick is that you cannot choose what to hide as long as the “.nomedia” file is in the folder.

To beat this, you can create a folder with an unsuspecting name like the famous “Methodist Hymn Book” – only few can relate LMAO — and move the media files you want to be hidden in there as well as “.nomedia” file.

This trick works for only media files – pictures, videos and audios.