15 Things You Can Relate To If You Have Ever Lost Your iPhone

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Losing an iPhone should be up there with losing a loved one and a heartbreak on the list of the worst feelings ever.

If you own an iPhone, I bet you take care of it like it’s your baby; matter of fact, if you happen to fall and hear a cracking sound, you hope that it’s your leg breaking and not your precious iPhone. But God forbid you go out, either to a nightclub, crowded street or festival and unfortunately, your iPhone is stolen or you misplace it.

Here are things you will relate to when that misfortune happens:

1. You call yourself, again and again, but alas! Uko mteja jo…


2. And it dawns on you that the phone is gone.


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3. You log on to Facebook and alert your friends “Aki guys, simu imeenda, reach me via FB inbox“.


4. You remember that Steve Jobs and his mates were clever enough to add the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature.


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5. And you hurriedly check to see if indeed you can find your iPhone,

but deep down you know it’s a waste of time cause the damn phone is switched off. Some people will even go to an extent of going to the police station. LOL.

uhuru laughing

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6. Nevertheless, you keep trying, consoling yourself “you never know, the thief might switch it on…”


7. After some time, you accept that your phone has already been flushed and put up for sale somewhere in River Road.

man driving



8. You start calling potential sponsors cause, sasaa, simu mpya inatoka wapi?

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9. The thought of going back to a Kabambe just makes you shiver.

Once you go apple you cannot go back.

saying no



10. If you had money, you cop yourself a new or used iPhone, rent itajisort baadaye.

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11. You thank God for iCloud cause you have all your photos, apps and contacts…


12. Unless of course, you had not backed up your iPhone for a couple of weeks.


13. You swear you’ll never carry your iPhone out ever again.


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14. You even buy a kabambe for nights out.


15. But how will people on Snapchat and Instagram know you’re living your best life?

So you go back to carrying your phone out and the cycle repeats itself.

deep sigh