Follow These Steps To Unblock Yourself On WhatsApp

The fun thing about WhatsApp Messenger is discovering the hidden tricks that comes with it. You can undo almost every action including unblocking yourself.

Getting blocked on the messaging platform is very frustrating especially when it is intentional. However, the block feature was introduced to check spam as well as cyber bullies so if you have been blocked by someone then it means you got on their very last nerve.

The block feature is so silent that you don’t even get notified but if the following happens it means someone blocked you;

Firstly, you will not to see their ‘last seen’ or ‘online’ status.
Also, you will no longer see any updates to their profile photo.
You will always find same old photo.
Moreover, if you try to send any message to them, you’ll always see one check mark which is a message sent indicator.
You will never see the second check mark which is a message delivered confirmation.
Lastly, if you try to call them then it will not go through.

If you’re sure of being blocked, use this method to get yourself off the blocked list.

1. Go to WhatsApp settings

Image result for whatsapp settings


2. Click “Account” and then click on “Delete my account”


WhatsApp > Settings > Account


3. Go ahead deleting your account by entering your phone number and delete your account

Be sure to backup all the important conversations.


4. Uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile.

Image result for uninstall whatsapp


5. Then, restart your phone

Image result for restart phone


6. Now, again install WhatsApp with same old number.

Image result for install whatsapp


Once installed, you’ll get unblocked from all other accounts. However, you’ll be removed from all your existing groups. So choose this method sparingly.