Don’t Buy An Apple Earpod Without Looking Out For These 10 Striking Features

You can’t really tell a fake product from an original one when you need it that bad or you’re aware of it but you need it anyway.

Fake products are everywhere – even companies in China are complaining about imitations. Lol, I don’t know what I’m saying. Anyway, you know how it feels when you realize the item you bought is FAKE especially when it came with no return policy.


Now here are some tips to differentiate a FAKE Apple earpod from the REAL one.

1. Packaging

The packaging of an original Apple earpod can tell the difference. The primary package is a cardboard box -which comes with serial number and other manufacture info- before the secondary plastic container that holds the earpod itself except when it comes along with the iPhone. The FAKE ones are normally sold in the plastic container only with an inverted Apple logo on the back.

Image result for apple earpod original packaging


2. Cable check

Be on the lookout for the inscription, “designed by Apple in California, assembled in Vietnam.” Also, the original cable is thicker as compared to the fake ones which appear to be weak and easily flattened when bent.

Image result for apple earpod original packaging


3. Volume +/- buttons

Here is the fun part. Have you ever clicked a computer mouse? Did you realise how it sounded? The original one has a smooth feel and does not make any noise apart from the click sound, unlike the fake one which can be heard 3m away when pressed. Also, the -/+ marks on it are in pale grey colour, any darker colour is fake. Most of the buttons don’t work.



4. Listening check

The original Apple earpods are very comfortable when in use. They have a good amount of bass in the sound making it less itchy in the ear. The opposite is true for the fake one.

Image result for black girl listening to music


5. ‘Bass holes’

The vertical holes on the back of the earpods –the original of course– are another sign of authenticity. The bass in the sound reduces when these holes are covered. The fake ones continue to play the flat, boring, high treble sound when covered. A close look at these holes shows that they are thinner than the ones on the fake earpods.



6.  Light check

When you hold an original earpod up in the light, you would notice that it is opaque (light cannot pass through them).

Image result for apple earpods in light


7. The metal check

The metal in the earpod is nothing but a black ‘distin’ in it. I haven’t heard or seen any variant colours.

Image result for apple earpods pricing


8. Connector

A friend prompted me on this one. The lightning and the 3.5mm jack connectors are magnetic –they are easily attracted by a magnet.

Image result for apple earpod original packaging


9. Pricing

Obviously, fake products are relatively cheaper which is around Ghs15.00 – Ghs30.00 but the original thing should cost you about Ghs100+.

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10. Buy from the trusted dealers

Some shops in Ghana have been given the license to sell Apple products. In the name of branding, they wouldn’t dare sell you a fake product.

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Bonus tip: Finishing check

An original earpod has a fine, smooth finishing. You won’t realize there is a close seam unless you look carefully. Now enjoy your noise-free music without interruptions. See ya in the next one.