Recover Your Lost Passwords In 5 Easy Steps On Your Web Browsers

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Have you ever tried logging in to your account and realized you’ve forgotten your password? You try all the combination in your head but you still don’t get it.

Nothing hurts more than losing your password at a time you need it so bad especially to your social media accounts. What if I told you it is possible to get them back without third-party apps or reset? This process is only possible if you chose to let your browser save your account details.


Most of the times, these things happen when we own the gadgets so logging out isn’t really an option when you’re done. Here’s how to recover your passwords on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


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Google Chrome

1. Go to menu and click settings [or type: chrome://settings in the URL]

2. Scroll down and click ‘Advanced.’

3. In the “Password and forms” section click on ‘manage passwords.’

4. A list of saved accounts will be listed with their passwords hidden. To unhide them, click on the ‘eye icon’ and enter your computer’s password in the windows security dialogue box if any.

5. Voilá, that’s your missing password. Make sure you don’t lose it again.


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Mozilla Firefox

1. Go to menu and click on “options” [or type: about:preferences in the URL]

2. Select “Privacy and Security”

3. Under “Forms and Passwords,” select Saved Logins

4. Click on “Show Passwords” and click “Yes” to confirm.

5. Voilá, that’s your missing password. Make sure you don’t lose it again.