Apple Just Revealed The Most Downloaded Apps Of 2017

Image: Pinterest

Apple publishes a list on a yearly basis, giving credit to the apps with the highest number of downloads in the past year.

Last year, Snapchat was the most downloaded app closely followed by Messenger and Pokemon Go. This year sees Bitmoji dethroning Snapchat to become the most downloaded app of 2017.  YouTube, Messenger and Instagram make up the top five and the likes of Facebook, Netflix and Spotify all occupying places in the top ten.


Here are the top most downloaded apps for year 2017!

1. Bitmoji

2. Snapchat

3. YouTube

4. Messenger

5. Instagram

6. Facebook

7. Google Maps

8. Netflix

9. Spotify

10. Uber

11. Gmail

12. Pandora Music

13. Amazon

14. WhatsApp

15. Wish

16. Twitter

17. SoundCloud

18. Google Chrome

19. Waze

20. Lyft


How many of these apps do you currently have on your phone?