iPhone Users Will Now Be Able To Preorder Apps In The App Store

Apple users always think they’re the coolest kids and it may be true.

Apple has just launched a new feature for its App Store. It’s Appstore users will be able to preorder apps and have those apps automatically download on their release day.

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A developer will now be able to put their app on the Apple store up to 3 months before it’s release day.

Once the app is up, customers will be able to preorder it and have it download on their devices on the release day. This feature is available on all Apple devices that use the App store: iPhones, Macs and Apple TVs.

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Developers can offer the preorder option for both free and paid apps.

And customers won’t actually be charged till they download the app on release day. This feature will be particularly useful for games. It will also help developers get attention on their new apps and allow people buy it beforehand so they don’t forget.

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Now to bust all the Apple “fanboying” we’ve been doing.

Google has had a similar feature that allows customers pre-register for an app before it’s release. Users are notified of the app’s release so they can download it. So Apple isn’t the first to go this route or think of this.


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All in all, it’s still a good feature though Apple isn’t the first to do it!