How To Get English Subtitles For Movies In Foreign Languages

No matter how much interesting a movie may be, without the right language, it may seem like a mime show. Almost everybody can relate to this mishap – it’s very annoying.

Here is how to overcome this stress, follow these 6 steps and watch movies without any language barrier;

1. Enter the title of the movie with the keywords, “SRT file” in a search engine.


2. Choose one site from the many search results and download the file.


3. Unzip the file to a familiar location


4. Rename the SRT [unzipped] file to the exact title of the movie file. For instance, if the title of the movie is “OMGVoice 2018.mp4” then the SRT file should be “OMGVoice”


5. Save the two files in the same location ie. if the movie is in your MOVIES folder, keep the SRT file in the same folder or create a folder for both files to reduce clutter.

6. Enjoy your movie without any barrier.