5 Reasons Why We Totally Hate Snapchat New Update

SnapChat launched a new update to its app some weeks ago and we just can’t overcome how horrible it is.

The company lost over 1.3 billion dollars of its stock since the update was released and even led to a petition being started on Twitter to force the company to revoke the update

Here are 5 reasons we hate the update so much.

1. We are unable to find our local stories

The Snapchat of before enabled us to view snaps of events that are happening locally and even add our own stories to these events so that we are updated on whatever is happening. In Snapchat new update, that great feature is missing and they rather prefer to show us a bunch of celebrity snaps we are not really interested in.

2. The new push notification

With the new Snapchat update, you tend to receive notifications from all your friends even though you don’t really message some of them or even view their snaps. So if you have 600 friends, then that’s 600 notifications for you.


Image: Gfycat

3. Everything is now disorganized

It is now difficult to know if you have view someone’s snap already as has now been cluttered in a disorganized way on the friend’s section of the app.


Image: Huffington Post

4. The new horrible discovery section

The once specialized discovery section where you could choose to watch snaps from news outlets and magazines like CNN and People magazine has been replaced with randoms snaps that you probably won’t be interested in.


Image: Lipstick Alley

5. When you close the app you have to watch all the stories from the beginning.

With the new Snapchat Update, whenever you close the app after watching a friends snap, you have to rewatch it from the beginning once you open his\her snap again and no one has time for that!


Image: Students’ Union UCL

We know a lot of you are addicted to snapchat and the new update will not deter you from using the app.

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