3 Affordable iPhone X Lookalikes That You Can Lie To People With

image: mentech

The cost of an iPhone X is a whopping $1,000. 

That’s a lot of money for a phone. That’s some people’s salaries. However, if you’d like a phone with a similar appearance but that is more pocket friendly, here a few you can look out for.

Here are 3 affordable iPhone X lookalikes that you can lie to people with:

1. Xiaomi Xiami Mi A2 Lite.

Price: $189.99

The Mi A2 is one of the best budget smartphones you can get your hands on today. At about 5 inches, the phone comes with 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, a dual-camera on its back, a very large battery (4,000mAh), and runs on the latest Oreo Android OS. The notched screen is probably the highlight feature of the Mi A2 Lite, since it makes the phone look more expensive than it is. It has a fingerprint scanner which is a plus.


image: Banggood


2. Oppo A3s. 

Price: $244.22

This comes in two colors; red and dark purple with a 6.20-inch touchscreen display, 32GB of storage, and 2GB of RAM. This is probably the cheapest phone with a notched screen that you might find in the market. It can house two sim cards so that’s a plus. You don’t get a fingerprint scanner, but there is face recognition to make up for it.

The phone is running on Android OS 8.1(Oreo), so you’ll still be able to get the latest Google updates with this phone.  The camera’s rear is 13 megapixels, while the front is still a good 8 megapixels for selfie lovers. It’s a great buy for those not looking to spend over Kshs 20,000, there is a cheaper alternative which comes at 16GB, for about Kshs 17,000, however, the more storage the better.


image: Senheng


3. Nokia X6.

Price: $204

Nokia X6 smartphone is actually a 2018 phone, so you get to own an affordable mobile device, that looks pretty impressive for its budget, and is very recent. If that’s not enough to convince you to buy, both the front and rear camera come at 16 megapixels! The phone comes with 32 GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, so you have sufficient space which you can expand with a microSD card.

Its convenience increases with it dual sim card capacity and the fact that it runs on Android OS 8.1 (Oreo).


image: GearBest