12 Things You Can Do With VLC Media Player Besides Playing Music And Videos

Started as an academic project, VLC media player is now the biggest open source media player in the world.

It is not just a media player, it has far more features than you can imagine beyond playing music and videos. I have put together 12 of these amazing features and I promise to do individual posts for the features I’m going to talk about.

Convert any media file

Did you know you can use VLC media player to convert your file to a wide variety of formats? Do you have that favourite jam on your computer but you can’t always play it because it’s a video? You’re sorted, VLC lets you convert video files to audio in few seconds. To do this, click Media > Convert/Save > Add a video file from your computer

Like this

Now select your preferred format/codec

Play or download online videos

VLC media player allows users to play and download online videos, all you need is the source link to the video and you’re good to go.

Streaming Yawa of The Day on YouTube.

Record a currently playing video or audio

While playing a video or audio you can use a record button to capture a part of the file.

Press the red dot to start and stop recording

Record the desktop of your computer

If you’re a ‘YouTuber’ and you’re looking for a software to record your screen for a tutorial, VLC’s got you covered. You don’t have to go spend huge sums of money to buy a software — even though it may provide more features than VLC.

Record a video

This feature works better with computers with webcams.

Press the red dot to start and stop recording

Rip a CD/DVD

You can use VLC to rip your CD/DVDs to create a digital archive for backup purposes.

Choose the type of disc you want to rip

Video and audio effects

VLC gives you multitudes of tools that allow you to manipulate audios and videos of any given media. You can adjust colours, crop videos, add filters and with audio, you can get an equalizer to tune to your preferred presets.

For Video


For audio

Add watermark to videos

You can add your own watermark to videos with VLC media player without the need for a dedicated video editor. To save videos with watermarks, you will need to make use of the recording feature.

Take a snapshot

When you come across that beautiful scene in a video and you feel it qualifies as a wallpaper, you can just use the snapshot button to work that magic. Alternatively, you can use the SHIFT + S key combination to perform this action.

Bookmark a video

You can use VLC media player to bookmark a part of a video so that you can return to it later or if you feel like you need to watch a particular scene again. Simply click Playback > Custom Bookmark > Manage and click ‘Create’ to bookmark that part of the video.

Add subtitles

If a movie you’re watching doesn’t can with subtitles, use VLC to correct that glitch.

Adjust playing speed

Use the square brackets ( [ ] )key on your keyboard to increase and decrease the speed of a playing media.

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