Top 5 Goalkeepers In The Premier League

The Goalie is an important part of a team, especially when the team has incapable defenders. The Goalie would serve as the block between the opponent and the goal post

Here are the Top five (5) goalkeepers in the Premier League;

1. David De Gea Quintana

“De Gea” as he is popularly known, is no doubt the best goalkeeper in the Premier League. In a mediocre team of Manchester United, this guy stands firm to save the team from humiliations and disgrace.

According to the fans, “David is more protection than a condom”. In twenty-seven (27) appearances in the Premier League this season, De Gea has made eighty-seven (87) saves and fifteen (15) clean sheets.

What more do you need in a Goalie?

2. Thibaut Nicolas Marc Courtois 

This 25 year old Belgian is Chelsea’s first choice goalkeeper. Courtois has made a name for himself after moving from Chelsea to Athletico Madrid and back to Chelsea. He even benched the famous Petr Cech in Chelsea because of his goalkeeping skills.

In twenty-six (26) Premier League appearances this season, Courtois has made fifty-two (52) saves and thirteen (13) clean sheets

3. Hugo Lloris

This 31 year old goalie is the first choice keeper at Tottenham Hotspur and France international team. Hugo Lloris is an underrated goalkeeper that has saved Tottenham from defeat countless times

In twenty-five (25) Premier League appearances, Lloris has made fifty (50) saves and eleven (11) clean sheets.

4. Ederson Santana de Moraes 

He started his goalkeeping career in Sao Paulo in 2008, then joined Benfica. From Benfica to Ribeirao to Rio Ave, and back to Benfica in 2015.  After the end of the 2016-2017 season, Ederson joined Manchester City for £35 million, becoming the most expensive goalkeeper at the time of his transfer.

Ederson has made quite a name for himself in Manchester City, taking over from Bravo, and making forty-four (44) saves and eleven (11) clean sheets in twenty-seven (27) Premier League games.


5. Petr Cech 

He gained popularity when he moved to Chelsea from Rennes in 2004. He had a good run in Chelsea before he moved to Arsenal in 2015. His stay in Arsenal has been a disgrace compared to his stay in Chelsea. In fact, statistics show that Cech has conceded more goals in just three (3) years in Arsenal, than he conceded in eleven (11) years in Chelsea.

In twenty-seven (27) Premier League appearances, Cech has made sixty-five (65) saves and nine (9) clean sheets