Rwanda’s Sponsorship Deal With Arsenal Causes Uproar


Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame is a big Arsenal fan, no doubt about that.

A few days ago, his country signed a sponsorship deal with the club that will see “Visit Rwanda” displayed on the players’ sleeves and the pitch-side advertising screens.

And now, the move has angered politicians in Britain because the country gets £64 Million in aid from the UK and is paying Arsenal  £30 Million a year for three years for the deal.

IMAGE: The Independent

Andrew Bridgen, an MP in the UK said”

British taxpayers will be rightly shocked to learn that a country supported by huge handouts by the UK is in turn pumping millions into a fabulously rich football club in London. If this isn’t a perfect own goal for foreign aid, i don’t know what it it.

The MP has called on the UK to stop giving aid to the country because it just frees up their government to do “crazy things”

Rwandan human rights campaigners have also called on Arsenal to scrap what they call an “obscene” deal.

Arsenal, have however defended the move saying”

The deal will help Rwanda meet tourism goals and develop football in the country.

The Rwanda Development Board has also backed the move saying it has already created 90,000 jobs in the country and it’s plan is to double tourism.

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