Ronaldinho Is Not Marrying Two Women, It Was All Fake News

Image: The Sun

Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho has denied reports that he is set to wed two women at the same time.

Last week, reports emerged that he was set to wed two women in August. The reports further claimed that Ronaldinho had even proposed to the two women earlier this year.

Ronaldinho with his two girlfriends.


Image: The Star

The former Barcelona star, who announced his retirement from football early this year, harmoniously lives with his two girlfriends Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz in his 15 million pounds mansion in Rio De Janeiro.

Ronaldinho told a Brazilian newspaper that despite living with his two girlfriends, he has no plans of marrying.

So why is he living with them? He was quoted as saying.

The whole world is calling me, I’m not going to get married. It’s the biggest lie.

In Brazil, marriages between more than two people are outlawed but the law allows for civil unions between three people.