‘Psychic’ Octopus Killed And Eaten Despite Predicting World Cup Games Exactly

image: TheWorldNews.net

Apparently being psychic doesn’t save an animal from becoming food on the table.

A giant octopus that correctly predicted Japan’s World Cup matches, has been killed regardless of it’s talents, and people were upset about it.  Dubbed “Rabiot the octopus”, the sea animal gained a following by accurately predicting the results of the country’s group stage games.

Using a paddling pool, the psychic squid made his guesses by swimming to one of three different baskets – each representing whether Japan would win lose or draw in the corresponding fixture.

Rabiot saw that Japan would beat Colombia, draw with Senegal and lose to Poland in their Group H match thus sending them through to their knockout round tie against Belgium. One thing he didn’t see coming, was his own unfortunate death at the hands of an eager  chef who boiled him alive and chopped him up.


image: sde


Perhaps if Rabiot had still been alive he could have given a head’s up about Japan’s heartbreaking final minute defeat to Belgium in the round 16 knockout game. Then again maybe Japan’s defeat was a result of Karma despite a two-goal lead.