Here’s How Social Media Users Reacted To Nigeria’s Kick Out Of The World Cup

Seeking a world cup salvation, Argentina was able to beat Nigeria 2-1 after their abysmal performance in their previous game with Croatia.

So we went to check what is happening on social media and as usual, various platforms were barraging of the trolls, the rants and the consolation messages. Some Nigerians went the extra mile to find the referee who denied them of two penalties and ‘gave it to him’ well well.

We sampled a few of the reactions for you.






Messi scored a 19-year-old and he’s jubilating. Shame, next time pick someone of your own size.😂😂 – Fiifi


4. Teacher Kwadwo


Aregentina 2:1 Naija

Scorer: very very important MAN UTD player called ROJO😍😍😍

Naija bye bye ooooo…
Bye bye ooo..
Bye bye k)) k)) k)!
Naija onaapo
Naija onaapo..



5. Teacher Kwadwo again

Hɛɛɛɛɛɛɛ dem thief NAIJA ooo..
The whole world will see how da referees wanna help messi progress.

Nansis!!! This nor be penalty na ɛyɛ wo Maame?😡😡😡




7. This sent his message straight to FIFA


8. Makes sense lmao


9. Oh chale


10. Man don’t cry