Meet Maame Biney, The First Black Woman To Make The Olympic Speedskating Team

This is Maame Biney.

A 17-year-old native of Ghana who became the first black woman to qualify for a U.S. Olympic speedskating team with a pair of victories in the 500 meters.


Biney who cruised to victory by beating Olympians Lana Gehring, Jessica Kooreman, and Katherine Reutter-Adamek in a 500 first final at the short track trials on Saturday became the first black woman to qualify for a U.S. Olympic speedskating team.

After winning, Maame Biney, who couldn’t hide her joy exclaimed,

I can’t believe it, aww geez. It’s a really good feeling, but it has to set in first because it takes me a while. I’m like, ‘Holy cow.

Her father who was in the stands before her second final had a sign that read, “Kick some hiney, Biney”

And she surely made her daddy proud by really kicking some hiney. She set a blistering pace in taking an early lead that widened as the wild and woolly race went on.

She crossed the finish line on the hockey-sized rink and began clapping and then pumping her arms so hard she lost her balance and fell.

She went down laughing all the way and in an interview explaining her victory, she said,

When I realized that I made the Olympic team, I started cheering like crazy and then I made my epic fall.

Check out the video that propelled her to the historic victory.

Maame Biney's record setting qualification

She wants to be a chemical engineer in the future. She started speed skating at the age of 6 and she just made history as the first African-American woman to make the U.S. Olympic speedskating team. Congratulations to Maame Biney. Read more about Maame Biney's impressive feat here:

Posted by U.S. Embassy Ghana on Monday, 18 December 2017

(H/T: NBC)