8 Countries You Didn’t Know Had A National Football Team

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How many football countries can you name?

There are many countries who you wouldn’t think have a national team but do. These nations are so comically small or have never been to the world cup that many football fans write them off. Here are some countries you probably haven’t heard of:

1. Catalonia

Although Catalonia is considered a part of Spain, the region can boast of its own football team. The team is not recognised by either FIFA or UEFA. Thus, they do not compete in international championships.


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2. Curaçao

This is a country of just 160,000 people. This island nation was officially recognised as a country back in 2010. And have made it to the 2017 Carribean cup where they beat Cuba.


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3. Pakistan

Football isn’t what comes to mind when you hear the name, Pakistan. They are currently ranked 200 by FIFA and the national team has no coach.


Image: Dawn


4. Kosovo

Recently recognised by FIFA last year, Kosovo has been an independent country since 2008. This country is now eligible to qualify for the Euros and World Cup.


Image: FFK Kosova


5. Montserrat

This is a small volcanic island in the Carribeans. It is home to nearly 5,000 people. It became a FIFA member in 1973. They are ranked 201 by FIFA.


Image: ClubAndNationalTeamBlog


6. Kurdistan

The Kurds are the largest group of people without their own sovereign nation. They can be found in Iran, Iraq and Syria. Their national stadium is in Northern Iraq and is under threat by Islamic extremist group, ISIS. Some of the members of the national team are also soldiers.


Image: Kurdistan24


7. Padania

This is a region in Northern Italy. Sovereignty has been proposed for the region. The region is not recognised by FIFA and thus does not participate in official tournaments.


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8. Vatican City

The Vatican City, home of the pope, has a national team. The team is made up mainly of the Swiss Guards, the soldiers guarding the Vatican. They have won only 1 game in 9 matches since 1994.


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