8 Funny Gifs That Describe The Chelsea Vs Manchester United Game

Image: ManchesterUnited

The rivalry between Chelsea and Manchester United is no news.

Every time both teams face off, there is tension on both sides as either side wants to win. Sadly, in the game of football, there can only be one winner. And the loser gets bantered right on the internet as banter is a gift given to footy lovers by the universe.

Yesterday, was no exception. The blues hosted Manchester United at Stamford Bridge and the game was a thrilling one. Manchester United lost by a lone goal. Here’s all that happened in the game described in gif form:

1. Chelsea to Manchester United

With all confidence, Chelsea were like:


Image: Giphy


2. Fans watching their team waste chances

It can be as frustrating af when this happens!


Image: Giphy


3. Players watching the other team miss chances

The yes and inner rejoicing when the other team messes up instead of your team.


Image: Giphy


4. United players and fans when Morata scored

This is the hell every fan has to endure.


Image: Giphy


5. United players trying to score in the remaining 35 minutes.

The struggle was real af!


Image: TotalProFootball


6. Chelsea fans getting ready to brag when the match ended

To the winner goes the 3 points and bragging rights.


Image: Giphy


7. Manchester United Players and fans after the match

Losing to a big rival must and to have the goal scored by a target whom you nearly bought in the transfer window must really hurt a lot.


Image: PopSugar


8. Mourinho watching his team all through the match

Mou will be Mou! We wonder who he would blame this time?!


Image: Giphy


Did you see the game? What was your favourite part?