Women Are Asking Their Crushes Out On Twitter With The Hashtag #DateChallenge


A lot of women are hesitant to ask guys on dates, to give guys an inkling of their interest in them.

And so they mask up their feelings or throwing hints that may not be as subtle as they think and hoping he asks them out sometime soon.

But relationship blogger, Oloni is daring females all over the world to ask guys that they fancy on dates.


It all started with this tweet


And then women started sending the messages. Some took some Ls 

Like this one who got the shocker of her life.


And more Ls

The no is so rude.


Some people got what they were looking for



And even more



For all the yes-es we read, we need updates


And we’re ready to show up at the wedding like

bridesmaids with african print dresses

Image source: Styloss.com


And if your crush hasn’t DM-ed you, bye bye.


And to all the brave ladies, well done!


If you’ve not done your #DateChallenge, wyd?


If he says no, you can just say “Oh it’s for the challenge and you wanted to put him on blast”

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