Woman Kills Husband With Acid For Getting Her Best Friend Pregnant

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We live in a very strange world where people do crazy things all in the name of love.

According to reports, a woman in Kaduna state who got an information that her best friend is pregnant for her husband attacked him with acid after they finished having sex.


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According to the report, the woman’s husband returned from work late in the evening, she served him food, had sex with him, he slept off and she poured the acid on his genitals.

The man was rushed to a nearby hospital by neighbors but the hospital rejected him and referred him to Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Kaduna where he eventually died on Tuesday, February 20, 2018.

According to the alleged murderer, “I love my husband so much, I was not intended to kill him. It was so painful to me that he got my best friend pregnant and he could not tell me, I knew about it from outsiders. I know I have over reacted but I want his family, our children and government to forgive me, I never planned to kill him”

Police in Kaduna confirmed that the woman is in their custody and she will be charge to court for murder as soon as they conclude their investigations.

May His Soul Rest in Peace.


Source: AmagiteBlog