Here Are 14 Ways WhatsApp Can End Your Relationship With Bae

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WhatsApp has simplified communication since it was introduced. The platform is also affecting relationships in a bad way.

One will think, how can a tool that allows lovers to stay connected and be close to each other all the time become an instrument of destruction.

Well, if you haven’t thought of it, here are various ways WhatsApp can break your relationship.


1. Blue Tick.

After WhatsApp introduced this feature, many spoke against it but the developers stayed with it. Blue Tick means you have read a message and therefore when your partner sends you a message which you read without responding, they get angry. Irrespective of what you were doing at that particular time, the narrative is that once you receive, open and read, you should be able to reply. Many see this as a way of one ignoring the other and it can start a fight which has led to many breakups.

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2. Online But No Message Or Reply.

Since you chat frequently on WhatsApp, at a point it becomes more like a task to message your partner at the least opportune time. If you’re caught online but fail to send a message to your partner, get ready for something like this; “so you have time to chat other people but can’t send me a simple hello?” The worse culprit is when one sends the other a message and even though he/she is online, fails to read. The question is; you were online so why didn’t you check my message? That’s world war 3 about to happen.



3. Random People Sending Messages.

WhatsApp has made it quite easy for practically anyone with your number to chat with you so you’ll have a lot of people of the opposite sex, sending your partner messages which can brew a fight very easily. Some will go like if you’re not interested why don’t you block them? Too much stress mehn!

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4. Spend More Time Chatting Than Spending Quality Time Together.

While lovers are together, they’ll be on their phones chatting or reading messages which rob them of some quality time together as a couple. There are times when one will still be on his/her phone while the other waits patiently for them to finish so they can talk. This starts quite harmlessly but as time goes on, it becomes a real issue until one decides to quit since the other has more important WhatsApp friends.


5. No Data After Reading A Message From Partner.

You’ll know the meaning of hell when you run out of data just after reading a message from your lover. The narrative on their side will be that you’ve ignored them meanwhile it’s not the case. Mostly the “offended” party will not listen to any explanation and this can lead to a breakup.

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6. Hide “Last Seen”.

Once you decide to hide your last seen on WhatsApp, you’re indirectly putting thoughts into your partners head. What are you hiding that you don’t want me to see when you last were online? A lot of people end relationships over this because they believe their partners are hiding something.


7. Easy To Misinterpret A Message.

The problem with communicating with your partner on WhatsApp is that your message can easily be misinterpreted. What you type and send and how your partner understands it are two different things. Some assume their partners are angry while they are not and they’ll always say, “the tone of your message indicates that you’re angry”. A very innocent message is all it takes for the other to misinterpret, feel offended and walk away. The worse one is when they decide to have an argument on WhatsApp.


8. Status Beef.

This is crazy. If it’s her birthday and you forget to say something about it on your status, there’s trouble. You can’t also post anything in relation to the opposite sex as it’ll raise questions and arguments. If you constantly mention the name of a particular person no matter how harmless it is, you’ll regret it. Statuses are ways your partner wants you to display them so anything outside that is trouble.

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9. Poor Communication.

As you continue to chat on WhatsApp, it’ll eventually lead to you becoming familiar and as time goes on, you’ll spend less time talking on phone or when you meet but will rather resort to WhatsApp. Since it’s a messaging app and you don’t want to type a lot, you limit your thoughts to simple sentences which do not allow you to state completely what’s on your mind. This can affect you two when you meet since it’ll limit your communication.



10. Typing, Typing, Typing!!!

She sent a message and she see’s typing, typing, typing……for 10 minutes you’re still typing, then suddenly it vanishes and she’s waiting for the reply which never happens. This will make her feel ignored and disrespected. It could also happen vice versa with the man waiting and feeling ignored. This leads to questions upon questions which leads to a split since no one wants to feel insignificant in the eyes of their significant other.

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11. Constant Communication.

You start chatting on WhatsApp, then it becomes more of an everyday thing, then you two begin to feel the other should most definitely send you a message no matter what. Once they fail to send you a message, you begin to feel they are drifting away and then attack. It’s such a shame seeing couples fighting over why the other hasn’t sent them a message for a while. Even a space of 30 minutes without sending a message can become an issue. This leads to arguments of why the accuser also didn’t find it prudent to also reach out to their partner.

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12. DP Wahala.

Your Display Picture space is the home of your partner. You have no right to use the picture of any other person of the opposite sex there. This is one major cause of couple fights and a number one cause of breakups in recent times. Even failure to use your partner’s picture as your DP can also lead to fights in relationships. This is what a simple messaging app has turned us into.




13. Deleted Chats.

There are times when people delete chats for various reasons especially if it’s from the opposite sex. They may not be doing anything bad but knowing their partner and how jealous they can be, they believe the safest thing to do is to delete a chat. However, a lot of times, couples see certain chats and keep them in memory so when they get the chance later and go through your phone without seeing those particular chats on the day they kept in memory, it’s trouble time. No amount of explanation will change their mind from believing you’re not cheating.


14. Message From An Ex.

Why in heavens name will your ex be messaging? What is going on and what have you been talking about? No matter the reason why she’s messaging you, this is going to create issues for you.