This Thread About How Men Handle Heartbreak Is Painfully Relatable

image: Vanity Fair

So a guy took to twitter to talk about how men handle heart wrenching breakups, and women can totally relate to this too.

From being desperate to get ex-bae back, doing shameless things to get their attention, trying to communicate, wondering who your ex-bae is with and what they are doing, to finally getting back your dignity and moving on.

We all go through the same stages and anyone who is going through or has gone through a bad breakup can relate:

1. Men handle break ups badly.

2. Phase 1: Are you really done with me?

3. Stalking her on social media.

4. Trying to make her jealous.

5. You want to be in a relationship so bad…with her.

6. Seeing her around other men hurts.

7. You call her just to hear her voice, but it turns into a fight.

8. Trying desperately to get her to see you.

9. Texting crazy things.

10. All the good old moments gone.

11. Being ignored is HARD for men.

12. Completely cut off and you can’t share it with anyone.

13. His pride finally returns after all the resentment. He’ll now vow never to be played for a fool again.