7 Common Mistakes Girls Make In Bed


These need to stop ladies. 

Whether the mistakes come from trying too hard, trying too little, feeling insecurity, or not feeling comfortable, we have them all listed below.

Here are 7  mistakes girls make in bed so you don’t make them in your life:  

1. Just lying there. 

Most guys want to see you have some fun. So just lying there is a big turn off.


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2. Being self-conscious about your body.

No matter your body type, be confident taking off your clothes in front of bae. The guy has already decided that he’s totally into you the way you are, so don’t ruin it.


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3. Faking orgasms.

Or at least making it look obvious that you are just pretending. If a guy can’t take you there, just let him know what he’s doing wrong, at least for the sake of the next girl he’s with.


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4. Not being vocal.

Men get off knowing their partner is enjoying themselves. If you like it, make some noise.


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5. Not giving him positive feedback when he’s doing something right. 

If he’s actually pretty good, or almost there, then let him know.


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6. Never initiating sex. 

Once in a while, be the one who starts things off, he’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.


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7. Be soft with your sexual feedback. 

As you are giving him tips, try not to be too harsh. Say it as nicely as possible because you know how their egos are.


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8. Being boring. 

Basically not trying out new things, or being too uptight about a certain position. Try many different things, explore together, that’s the adventure.


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