9 Signs She’s Just Playing You To Get A Christmas Gift And Spend Your Cash

The signs are almost always obvious, but guys will ignore thinking love is in the air.

No, it’s not. Huge expenditure is in the air.

Ladies know how to manipulate to get things done. When Christmas is approaching, a lot of Christmas gifts does not spoil a thing so they start being nice, even to people they haven’t been nice to all year.

Why the sudden change you see? Here are signs she just wants a Christmas gift.

1. Enters your chat first to say ‘Hi’ since December 1. Something she wasn’t doing the entire year.


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2. No more ‘blue-ticking’ and responding to your messages the quickest.


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3. No more ‘k’ kind of answers after going ‘k’ all year long.


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4. Keeping the conversation going even when you are tired and want to leave.


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5. Calling to check up on you and asking how you’re spending Christmas.


6. Acting like she’s going to say ‘Yes’ (if you’ve proposed and she’s thinking about it).


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7. Asking what you want for Christmas like she’s going to get you something. Ma guy, issa trap!



8. Being really nice all of a sudden.


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9. Asking ‘Ei you, so what are you getting me for Christmas?’ in almost every conversation.