5 Signs You Have Too Much Ego To Be A Sidechick

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Some girls don’t mind being the other woman, however others simply can’t stand it.

It drives them mad at the thought, and they’d rather stay single and happy than concerned or stressed about such things. You’d rather have someone whose loyal to you, and that’s actually a preety amazing quality. It proves you don’t need a man, and you are basically content with yourself and know what you want.

Here are 5 signs that prove you have too much ego to be a sidekick: 

1. You’re a jealous person.

Basically you DON’T like sharing someone. It’s not an option, it’s either you or nothing at all. You can’t allow someone to have their cake and eat it too.


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2. You’re competitive.

You want to be number one, and the only one. However when it’s clear you’re not winning you realize it’s time to move on. However, you can be a sore loser.


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3. You’re an attacker.

You have the potential to hurt the girl who stands in your way (and even the man, because you are that angry)  which can make you seem very crazy. But once you notice this, you take a step back and walk away.


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4. You have standards and believe  you are a treasure.

You can’t imagine being an option, you’d rather even be alone. You’re independent minded and have your own thing going, you don’t have time for some things.


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5. You’re an attention seeker.

His attention must be on you as much as reasonably possible, anything less would be an atrocity.


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