10 Reasons Short Men Make The Best Boyfriends

Short men get no love

If you ask any girl to describe her dream man, 9 times out of 10 you’ll probably hear the word ‘tall’. A lot of women don’t give short men a chance at all, which is a shame because they’re actually awesome. Don’t believe us? These reasons will totally convince you to date a short man.

1. You don’t have to stretch so much during kisses

first kissing in relationship


2. When you wear heels, you get to look like a supermodel


3. He’ll appreciate you because lots of women have probably rejected him for being short


4. He won’t cheat on you

Asides the fact that a lot of women don’t dig short men, research from New York University found that short men are significantly less likely to get divorced than average and tall men.

Photo: Poka Arts/Instagram


5. You can always look into their eyes without standing on the tip of your toes


6. Statistically speaking, short men make more money and are more likely to help around the house

A study based on data from the University of Michigan found that short men do a greater share of housework and earn a greater proportion of household income.


Image: Yahoo News


7. The hugs are cute because you don’t have the get lifted off the ground



8. Short guys are funny

Do you know a short guy who isn’t funny?



9. They have great posture

Tall men are more likely to slouch. Short men hardly ever slouch.

Kevin Owiti Kenya

Image: Instagram/ Kevin Owiti


10. Short men are super confident, and handsome

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