5 Reasons He Should Love You More Than You Love Him

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Being crazy stupid in love can be emotionally tasking. 

Things are much easier when you are in control of your emotions for someone, plus it empowers you when you don’t feel so vulnerable or helpless over a man. Men want women to love them, but they get bored if you get too clingy as well. And when you are crazy, stupid in love, you tend to be clingy, you can’t help it after all.

So here are 5 reasons he should love you more than you love him.

1. You always have the upper hand. 

You’re not always in the mood to hang out, or meet up. You love him, but you also have a life, and you continue living it. This way even if you’ve been together for a while, he’s still in a sense chasing you because he doesn’t have you entirely.


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2. You won’t act crazy. 

Love has caused us to do some pretty crazy things. However, when you are more composed with your emotions, it’s easier to walk away or act in a more relaxed manner, and think straight.


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3. He’ll always crave to be around you. 

We all in a sense want something we can’t have. So if he feels like you are not wrapped around his little finger, he’ll be more curious. He’ll want you to pay more attention to him, and he’ll want to be around you more.


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4. You can focus on other things in your life. 

You love him yes, but you love yourself more and you want more for yourself, so he won’t be a big distraction or hindrance to any goals you have. Sometimes we can be so caught up in our feelings that we get distracted, instead of focusing on yourself.


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5. You make better decisions. 

When we love, sometimes we think with our hearts and can be overly generous; with our money, with ourselves and with our time. However, when you aren’t so wrapped up in your feelings, you make more practical decisions and you can afford to be a little selfish.


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