6 Men on Twitter Expose How Women Broke Their Hearts And It’s Brutal AF

image: Huffington Post

Men are usually considered the heartless ones who leave a long line of broken hearts on their  way.

However some women are known to do this too, in the most hurtful way possible. Guys also get heartbroken out there. One man asked a bunch of men to expose their painful heartbreaks anonymously, and some stories were astounding. We’ve got some bad ass women out here guys. Watch out.

Here are the stories 6 guys told: 

1.  He caught his girlfriend and his boss sleeping together! There’s a happy ending though, find out what.

2. His ‘baby mama’ lied to him that she was pregnant and ate up all his money going for ‘pregnancy checkups’. He even took a loan guys.

3. His girlfriend left him for a richer guy she met at the club, and aborted his kid.


4. His girlfriend left him after university cause ‘she didn’t see him amount to anything’

5. He gets a vasectomy so he doesn’t impregnate his girlfriend and she leaves him anyway.

6. She cheated on him before she left him.