7 Reasons Why Men Fake Orgasms

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Men fake it too. 

Men reported faking an orgasm in about 30 percent of their sexual encounters. It may not be as much as women, but it definitely happens with men too. Why? The reasons are more or less similar to why women don’t get there as well.

Here are 7 reasons why men fake orgasms: 

1. They’re drunk. 


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2. Partner self-esteem. 

They want to make their partner happy. Men who were both sexually and romantically satisfied with their relationships faked their orgasms not only to make they partners happy but to fake a “mutual orgasm.” I mean, climaxing with a partner is certainly possible but it’s no easy feat.


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3. The sex wasn’t good, and they just want to get over it. 


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4.  They are exhausted. 

You probably have one hell of a sex drive and they are just tired.


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5. They weren’t in the mood to begin with. 


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6. They just aren’t that into you. 


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7. They already had sex very recently. 

Probably with someone else even.


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