10 Women Told Us The Top Lies That Men Tell And It’s Absolutely Funny

Men lie, women lie, we all lie. 

But definitely, a huge percentage of women will tell you their male counterparts have the most lies and vice versa. So, we asked our community to tell us the top lies men told and the answers are hilarious!


1. You are the only girl in my life

Taraji Henson face Na So Meme

Image: Steadi_Lady/Twitter


2. She’s just a colleague at work

African girl meme

Image: NairaLand


3. I’m single



4. I just told my mother about you

deep sigh



5. It’s only you in my life



6. I just want to be your friend



7. You’re the only one I want


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8. How about you come visit me so we’ll watch movies?

University struggles

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9. I would never lie to you

hate monday gifs and memes


10. She means nothing to me.

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What other popular lies did we miss out?