How To Kiss Bae So They’ll Never Leave You

image: VideoBlocks

Yes you read correctly.

A bad kisser automatically raises a red flag, who wants to be with a bad kisser forever? Nobody. However a good, no, amazing kisser promises even more amazing skills in other areas and you’ll probably want to know about these ‘skills’ and stick around a bit longer.

However, besides the obvious passionate french kissing, there are many other kisses that communicate a deep love and affection for your partner, and if you do these often, it may be a contributing factor to them staying around for a long long time.

Here is how to kiss bae so they’ll never leave you:

1. Kiss him/her on the cheek.

A kiss on the cheek can show support, friendship and attraction. In some ways, it’s deeper than a kiss on the lips. These are some of the most tender kisses you can give and receive, especially if they are done quietly, a surprise smooch on the cheek speaks volumes about your love.


image: MadameNoire

2. A lingering kiss.

This is the most common way to show your partner how special they are without getting too passionate. This kiss usually only lasts a few seconds, but it’s so important to the strength of your relationship.


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3. A kiss on the forehead.

Similarly to the cheek one, this is innocent but shows genuine love and care for your partner.


image: Essence

4. Kiss him on his…you know.

Just like a quick peck, appreciating his manhood. It’ll make him smile.


image: 1966 Magazine

5. For the men, give her a peck on her butt.

Make it sudden and surprise her, maybe give it a little bite while at it. She’ll love it.