Said The Wrong Name In Bed? Here’s What To Do Next

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So you accidentally uttered another girl’s or boy’s name while in bed with bae.

If they heard you it’s probably going to be awkward, the sex may even come to a pause. Your partner may even be hurt at this point.

However here are a few ways to fix it as fast as possible so you can get back in the mood: 

1. Don’t get defensive or be dismissive.

It probably isn’t fun hearing someone’s name, so allow them to distance themselves to process the same. Respect their feelings.



2. Reassure your partner that this was a mistake.


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3. Make a joke out of it.

For example, start rattling off other girls’ or boys’ names humorously.



4. Convince your partner that you are totally into them and only them.


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5. Next time, make sure you’re not so loud.

If you can’t trust yourself to not say it again, then make sure you try and speak low or whisper.


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