How To Get Some If You Are Still Living With Your Parents

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If you have parents who are African, or are at least super strict, you’ll probably know how hard it is to break the news that you are in a relationship, or even worse, sexually active.

Them catching you in the act would be a nightmare. However there are ways to get around this and still manage to have yours, even if it may not be as often as you wish.

Here are 6 ways to get some if you are still living with your parents: 

1. Get a boyfriend or girlfriend who has their own place.

This way if you are ever in the need, you can always go there, no stress.


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2. If one of you have a car, or can at least borrow from your parents, use it.

Get creative about where to have ‘fun’. It doesn’t always need to be a bed in a room. With a car you park somewhere private, get in the back seat and do your business.


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3. Take advantage when your parents are out of town.


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4. If your parents already know you’re in a relationship, just bring them over and do it quietly.


image: Mark America

5. You can contribute money to stay in a hotel.


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6. Go to a friend’s place.

If you have a friend who stays alone, you can plan with your friend and take bae there for a while.


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