Will You Date Your Best Friend? Here’s What Some Ghanaians Think About It

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Friendzone is a big deal these days and so it’s common to have friends of the opposite sex being together and never dating although they may have feelings for each other.

This got us curious and so we decided to ask our community whether they’ll date their male or female best friend and the responses were obvious, most will gladly do so.

Check out some of the responses we got for this question below.


1. Word!!!

having your best friend as a wife or husband is the best thing to ever happen on earth OK. Awwww she knows you much more and you know her too much.

Submitted by: Bakomora Desmond Williams


2. Bestfriend wins again.

I don’t know how a man and a woman can be bestfriends without having feeling for eachother. Aanyaa one will trip.
If you’re in a relationship ,Your man/woman should be your best friend.
I think it’s best to date your best friend provided you can handle his/her flaws

Submitted by: Nana Ama


3. It’s a no here.

Nope.. Because is strictly friendship .. I didn’t come 4 more than that.. & when she is with me.. We like fooling alot. Nothing serious can exist between us

Submitted by: Michael Ant


4. Not a good idea.

Best friend? After sharing all my flaws and secrets with her then I date her? She gonna use it against you someday. It’s better to date someone else than your bestie.

Submitted by: Frino


5. It’s not always rosy.

No no no…I dated my bestfriend n all i taut was we cld be perfect togeda buh it turned other way round….he was a quick-tempered person,,rude wen he gets angry,,flirt wid other gals n alwaes clubbing…he didnt mind raining filthy words on me each tym we had an argument…he even went ahead to use a B*TCH word on me…I was really hurted n cldnt take it anymore….it was also too much for me so i called it quit….and for now we dnt talk anymore lyk we used to do….I blocked him koraa long tym😏😏😏😏😏….in my point of view i think dating a “bestfriend” is bad sometimes.

Submitted by: Abigail Owusu Shizzle


6. Distin fuo wo krom.

If I were a lesbian yes but I can’t date her bcos I like the other distin more.😂😂

Submitted by: Sherifat Walez Hernandez


7. Truth.

Dating with the intention/clear cut agenda/goal of marrying? YES! Charley life is not that simple there will be ups and downs…. It is wise to be with someone who will stick with you (regardless of ur weakness and strengths) through thick and thin…

Submitted by: Spurgeon Fleischer


8. It sometimes ruins the friendship if things don’t work out.

If you attempt to date her, which is actually sinless and beautiful, you might loose your friendship. From experience paaa!

Submitted by: Jake Anang-Okang


9. This guy paaa…

No I would not date my best friend. She and I will be too happy together. I do not function well if I am too happy. But I will not mind chopping her periodically.

Submitted by: Kwabena Abolish Bibini


10. Hahahahahahaha

The way that he use best friend to date me and chop me nu, so noor he will leave me for another best friend that he will get. Abeg, brokenheart is expensive, lemme pass.

Submitted by: Nana Yaa


11. Best friends are the best.

Best friends are priceless gifts… They are not part of your Periodic friends. Mostly, IN as much as they were just friends sometime ago, they did something extra ordinary to attain that position as a BEST FRIEND in your life. So if you and society norms accept you and your best friend to be together as partners, trust me, that is the best thing you can ever imagine..

Submitted by: Nana Gaisey


12. If you both love each other, why not.

If your best friend loves u and the vice-versa is true, why not? Some of them don’t work out well but we all know not all relationships must work as planned; whether best friend or enemy or stranger lol. I heard it is the best kraa.

Submitted by: Elvis Boronsum


13. The distin dey sweet boys too much.

I don’t believe in friendship between a man and a woman. It’s like having a chicken as a pet. One day one day, you will end up chewing it.

Submitted by: Felicien Kofi


14. I suspect this guy paaa….

Best friend best friend. But them they chop each other low key 😩😩😩

Submitted by: Billo Naires Wyf


15. Experience people are talking.

Buy the way how come
A man will be have lady as best friend??
For me this has broke my relationship
Everyday lady telling you
He is just my best friend
He is just my best friend
#Eddiact friend indeed,
What l have learnt from my mother
And grandfather is that,
The moment you are married
In relationship with
Someone the person becomes
Your bestfriend and everything,

Submitted by: Wonder Azumah


16. Not fun cos everything is known already.

Best friend dating dierr naaa sekof you guys know ur body already and there is nothing interesting to know about each other than to now try chopping on a low key cos when they were friends they never tried sex.

Submitted by: Collins Malimuzik Appiah


17. We hope so.

Yes, why not, as we already known ourselves, it let’s our date would be successful and through that our marriage will be great.

Submitted by: Arnold Darko


18. Things do happen sometimes.

Yes,but not again,I did and it was very sweet and beautiful but it end soo bad and the mood between us now is more than the word enemies.

Submitted by: Liedson Olaga Sebbinson


19. The best choice.

It’s in my opinion, the best. Your best friend knows you too well to be surprised about even the things that surprises you about yourself.

Submitted by: Kwesi Distinct


20. Bham!!!

The best relationship is dating your best friend,it fun and let your lover be your friend that can chase away boredom because you can talk about anything.

Submitted by: Joshua Henry


We want to know what you also think about dating one’s best friend. Let’s know your response in the comment section.