Fellas, Here Are 9 Really Cute Ways To Ask Her On A Date


Asking your crush on a date can be pretty nerve-wracking

So, there’s a girl you like and you just can’t figure out how to ask her on a date, we’re here to help! Here are 9 Boku ways you can ask that lady out on a date. She’s guaranteed to say yes!

1. Write a love note

Handwritten notes will always be cute! Write her a cute poem or note and state your intentions. Put it in a cute envelope and spray some perfume on it. She’ll definitely be willing to go on a date with you.


2. Send her some flowers with a card

Flowers always work the magic! Send her a cute bouquet, and a card. Make sure the card has a cute note asking her to go out with you on it.


Image: Pinterest


3. Get her tickets to something she enjoys

Do your research! Find out the kind of movies she likes, and the musicians she likes. Get two tickets, give her one and ask her if she’d like you to accompany her.


4. Make a playlist for her

Make her an acrostic playlist with great songs. This means that the first letter of each song should spell out ‘Will you go out with me’


5. Call into her favourite radio show during the request hours and ask to take her out

This would be so cute! Call into a radio show you’re sure she listens to, and ask to take her on a date. She’s guaranteed to love it.

old school radio cassette

Image: pinterest


6. Call her

Instead of dilly-dallying, just call her and ask to take her on a date. Make the plans though, and let her know all she needs to do is show up.



7. Send her a cute/corny picture

Humour is the way to a lady’s heart. Just make her laugh! Send her a cute picture and ask her to go out with you.


8. Do a mini scavenger hunt

If you like to play games, then this is a great way to ask the girl you’ve been wanting to ask out on a date. Leave them a clever note at their desk that has clues, or drop them little hints throughout the day that will lead them around until they find the big surprise, which could be a bouquet of flowers with a note asking them out, or just you standing there waiting to ask them out.


9. Say it with cupcakes!

Send her cute cupcakes, and let the frosting read ‘Will you go out with me’?

cupcake bouquet

Image: Craftsy