7 Clingy Things Girls Do That Men Secretly Love

image: Toronto Date Doctor

There’s the irritating and annoying kind of clingy that makes men run for the hills, then there’s the cute kind that they absolutely love but may never admit.

Believe me, men love being wanted and a few of those clingy tenancies makes them comfortable in knowing that you care.  The catch however is they have to like you first, so this would only work with a guy who has a crush on you, or your bae.

Important note is that you should make sure you live your own life, don’t constantly seem available, so on those occasions where you are kind of ‘clingy’, he probably won’t even mind.

Here are 7 clingy things girls do that men secretly love:

1. Staring at him longingly from across the room.

Which is basically the sexy version of checking up on what he’s doing, whether you two are out with friends or just chilling at home.


image: Blackcitygirl

2. Asking him to stay around.

If he likes you, and there’s nothing urgent he’s doing, then he’ll be happy that you want him around, and he may just give in. This doesn’t mean that you should ask him all the time.


image: GIFER

3. Telling him that you miss him.

He probably misses you too. Still, don’t do this too much.


image: Tenor

4. Getting a little jealous.

This can be super cute to him, especially when you’re pretending not to be.


image: BuzzFeed

5. Trying to get his attention by doing or saying silly things.


image: Blipsnips

6. Calling to check up on him.

Don’t do this too much, but he’ll appreciate it once in a while.


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7. When you get a little entitled with him.

It’s kinda sexy.


image: Tenor