4 Things To Do To Have Anyone Think You’re Amazing In Bed

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So what do people consider great sex to be?

Surprisingly it’s not too difficult. It’s actually pretty obvious and as long as you do the following four things, anyone you’ll be with from now on will love having sex with you.

Here are 4 things to do to have anyone think you’re good in bed:

1. Have sex often.

Basically,  unless you are both too busy, having sex  twice a month isn’t going to fulfill you or your partner. So if you can, have it more often. Try at least once a week.


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2. Change things up.

Research and read up on new ways to please your partner, because doing the same things over and over will eventually get boring. Have sex in different rooms, have quickies and longer sessions, mix it up.


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3. Bring your partner’s fantasy to life.

If one of you maybe wanted a threesome, then talk about it and see if that can happen. If one of you fantasized about having sex in a breach, then take a trip to one and see if you can get away with it. Make things exciting.


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4. Be intense.

There’s nothing worse than dead sex, so show that you are enjoying it, role your eyes back, make some noises, show your partner that you are enjoying yourself.


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