9 Things Men Want You To Tell Them In Bed

image: Malay Mail

Men are visual, but also verbal too.

You can get them excited with one simple statement, so these seven statements all at once will drive them crazy. Use these with caution.

Here are 9 things men want you to tell them in bed:

1. “Ready for round two?”

He was probably ready all his life, and if the bed game is good, round two is a given.


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2. “Spank me”


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3. “Do whatever you want to do to me”

Guys love the freedom to take charge.


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4. “Touch me right there”


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5. “@*&^%$#”

Swearing basically, it shows that you’re into it, and there’s nothing more satisfying for a man to hear. Plus if you don’t swear much, this will be a nice surprise.


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6. “I want you in my mouth”

Because oral is great too.



7. “I love the way you smell”

Telling a guy this will make him feel really manly. It’s sexy, scent is so intimate, especially when you’re naked.


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8. “That was amazing”

You don’t have to say much, but men do love validity and this is the best way to give it. Hopefully though, you are saying the truth.


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9. “It’s so big”

Now your guy knows what you think of him. You can’t read each other’s minds, so take the guesswork out of the equation, and give his manhood some praise.


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