7 Warning Signs He Is Wack In Bed (And You Should Run)

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We’ve all had bad sex at least once, so we should make sure we try and avoid it as much as possible.  

Now of course, there are no fail-safe signals, but if any of these signs are present, you may want to skip the romp in the sack altogether and save yourself the time and trouble.

Here are 7 warning signs he is wack in bed; 

1. The first time you guys kissed, he put his hand down your pants immediately.

That’s a sign of someone who may be inexperienced an not exactly sure what he was doing. Guys who move this fast are like awkward highschoolers frenching for the first time. It’s just off. So imagine if you are actually naked.


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2. He’s a bad kisser.

The first time you kiss someone usually needs a little work, but if it’s just capital letters BAD and you keep trying to make it work but he is just not getting it. Odds are everything else is going to be eqauly as bad.


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3. You’re honestly not even sure if you really like him.

If you don’t exactly connect with a guy, chances are you won’t enjoy the sex either, and you’ll just be lying there hoping it would just end.


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4. He can’t dance.

Usually if a man lacks rhythm on the dance floor, he lacks rhythm in the bed as well. If you meet a man at the club and you both can’t seem to get in sync with body movement on the floor, then chances are he won’t flow with you between the sheets either.


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5. He has zero fashion sense.

A man takes no pride in his appearance whatsoever, then he probably isn’t bagging any chicks either. For most men, dressing well and staying groomed is key to attracting a woman, so if a man isn’t trying to do that, then he’s probably not having sex either since the only way to have sex is to attract a woman.



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6. He avoids sex.

Which is rare, but possible. If after several dates he isn’t trying to take it there, he’s either gay, trying to be celibate, or  has no idea what he’s doing and he’s afraid to disappoint you.


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7. He is selfish. 

This selfish behavior usually transfers to the bedroom and a selfish lover is a bad lover. If he never asks you anything about yourself, wants your world to revolve around him and he doesn’t listen to anything you have to say, then don’t expect him to care if you’re being pleased in the bedroom either.


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